My name is Jim Roberts and I live and work in Deep East Texas. I cover Carthage to Jasper, Livingston to Jacksonville… and all points in between. While I specialize in Senior Insurance Products, I offer a wide variety of health and life insurance products. My real expertise is in helping folks sort thru the Medicare maze.

  • Supplements

    Medicare Supplement insurance pays medical bills not covered by Medicare. I can help you to understand the 4 parts of Medicare. Also, I will help you pick the Part D (Rx plan) that’s best for you… if you need one.

  • Health Insurance

    For individuals and families of all ages, I offer many Health & Dental Insurance options. For folks who may not be able to “health qualify” for traditional Major Medical plans, I have Guaranteed Issue plans available.

  • Annuities

    If you’re like most people, one of your biggest financial concerns is protecting your nest egg. Annuities can be one answer. They allow you to safely increase your retirement savings, no matter what your age.

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